Devondale is an Independent Baptist Church, which means we have never joined any association or convention. We are not "Anti-Southern Baptist" but desire fellowship with all whom we can agree with doctrinally and Spiritually.

We are very mission-minded and support many mission projects and individual missionaries. Our people are always helping in local needs and mission needs as much as our time and finances permit.

Our primary purpose is to follow the Lord Jesus as His early churches did and be found faithful in His service.

Visitors are always welcome at Devondale. We are a church that stands for the truth and loves people.

Our Services

Sunday School

9:45 am

Sunday Morning Worship

10:45 am

Sunday Evening Worship

6:00 pm

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

6:30 pm


Devondale Baptist Church
124 East Tiverton Way
Lexington, Kentucky 40517
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Pastor: Jeff Burnett
Church phone: (859) 272-5311
Email: devondalebaptist@gmail.com